Carbon Reduction
and Removal

The Climate Vault approach is one of the simplest ways to achieve net zero. Rather than trying to estimate the carbon reductions created by planting trees or distributing clean cookstoves, we can measure exactly how much carbon pollution we’re preventing, ton by ton.

At Climate Vault, we do this by purchasing carbon permits from cap-and-trade compliance markets and vaulting them so emitters can’t use them. Because the number of permits is capped, this decreases the amount of global carbon dioxide pollution allowed by government regulators.

Our purchases are based on how much carbon you’re aiming to offset. Whether you’re looking to reduce your footprint or get all the way to net zero, we can help you reach your goals quickly. And because we use existing markets, the cost is transparent, and your offset is easily verified. You’ll never be left wondering if your efforts created a real impact or not. In fact, your impact goes beyond carbon reductions to support carbon removal.

Get Started
  1. We buy carbon permits
  2. We vault the permits
  3. Your contributions show your commitment to net zero
  4. We support carbon removal technology