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Make Net Zero a Reality, Right Now With Your Support

We’ve taken the guesswork out of offsets and developed an effective way to achieve net zero and support carbon removal technologies. With your support, the Climate Vault approach leverages existing offset markets to help you have an effective impact today, not years or decades down the line. Climate Vault is a registered nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization.

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Stop Pollution Before It Happens

Your contribution allows Climate Vault to purchase carbon pollution permits from regulated markets and lock them away in our vault. Every permit vaulted is one less CO2 ton produced, so you know exactly how much of an impact your support accomplishes, and so does the planet.

Climate Vault Approach
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Accelerate the Journey to Carbon Zero

In addition to vaulting carbon pollution permits, the Climate Vault approach supports the development of competitive carbon removal technologies of the future. By supporting cutting-edge carbon removal technologies, we will help create incentives to drive innovation.

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