Investing in people: Verger knocks out employee carbon with innovative benefit program

Verger Capital Management prides itself on investing in the lives of others, and the company has found an innovative approach to fulfilling that mission.

Through a partnership with Climate Vault, Verger is eliminating employee carbon footprints as a sustainability-focused benefit. This move is setting a new standard in the investing world as an inspiring example of how companies can prioritize both their employees and the planet without sacrificing their core business ideals.

“We think about all of our partnerships in the context of our clients and our community,” says Inge Smith, Communications Manager at Verger. “We make sure that the ways we lift up voices or donate dollars are connected to the people we serve.”

Elevating others is the core of Verger’s mission: the asset management firm exclusively serves non-profits as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer. Verger recognized that reducing & removing its employees’ personal carbon footprints would allow it to extend its tailored high-engagement philosophy inward to its employees.

Doing so through Climate Vault’s integrated approach – which leverages government-regulated compliance carbon markets and cutting-edge carbon dioxide removal tech – maintains the integrity that Verger’s team members deserve. Furthermore, the durability of quantifiable carbon reduction through Climate Vault lends Verger the credibility it requires in a program so representative of its mission.

“Climate Vault is a great fit for Verger, given its robust, innovative, and transparent approach,” says Katie McGinn, Chair of Verger’s ESG Task Force. “The Verger team appreciates the way Climate Vault neutralizes carbon while also spurring innovation in the carbon dioxide removal space.”

To explore how and why Verger implemented this non-traditional employee benefit, Inge and Katie discussed how the carbon neutralization benefit program has been a positive differentiator for the company, and how it demonstrates Verger’s commitment to its mission, its people, and the environment.

The Verger crew taking part together in Habitat for Humanity.

Connecting to a mission

Verger’s mission-centric approach to business made the implementation of the carbon neutralization benefit a logical step.

“Verger is committed to understanding the needs of our employees and our community and actively providing resources to make a positive impact,” Inge says. “We’re always thinking about how to extend our mission, to invest in the lives of others, into everyday life.”

Verger’s team members report that benefits like carbon neutrality allow them to feel a connection to the company’s mission and values. Additionally, these efforts help Verger to stand out in the investing world and attract partners who share those values. And – of course – the carbon neutrality employee benefit helps make the world a better place by measurably countering climate change, on a personal scale.

Committing to people

This movement didn’t happen overnight. While Verger had been actively thinking about Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) issues since inception, in 2020 it created an ESG Task Force dedicated to continuing to evolve its practices and alignment with its mission.

The Task Force rapidly came to an understanding regarding the company’s mission: they wanted to ensure that Verger was being thoughtful about the climate not only in their investment process, but also in their offices and the lives of individuals on their team.

As a result, the company offers Climate Vault’s carbon neutralization benefits symmetrically across the organization, ensuring that all members have access to the same benefits and opportunities for reducing their carbon footprints.

Standing out from the crowd

As Katie points out, when Verger decided to pursue carbon neutrality, they wanted to be innovative. “We were pleased to find that with Climate Vault, we could accomplish it quickly and have immediate, lasting impact, instead of setting a typical long-term goal,” she says.

Verger’s commitment not only allows the company to stand out from its competitors, but it also helps them set an example for their investment industry peers. “We’re proud to constantly be evolving our employee benefits and demonstrating our commitment to employees, our community, and the world,” Inge says.

Confidence in commitments

By partnering with Climate Vault, Verger has implemented a scientifically sound and trustworthy solution for neutralizing the carbon footprints of its employees. Climate Vault provides trackable, serialized, and low-risk carbon neutralization strategies, without the uncertainty of voluntary carbon offset programs. This partnership enables Verger to inspire confidence in its teams, who experience the satisfaction of knowing their company is knocking out their personal carbon footprints.

“A focus on ESG impact is part of our firm’s culture,” Inge says, “and we are grateful for the opportunity to support like-minded organizations that tackle tough ESG challenges with creative solutions.”


If you want to learn more about how Verger successfully implemented a credible, irrefutable solution for knocking out their employees’ carbon footprints and how you can do the same, reach out to the team at Climate Vault. Climate Vault is here to help you stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself as a leader through better employee benefits and environmental engagements.