Inspired climate action from Climate Vault partners

This Earth Day, we’re shining a light on the incredible work that our partners are taking on. Northern Trust, Qlik, William Blair, and Swarthmore College are taking action to tackle climate change, making Earth Day greener and more sustainable than ever before. Let’s take a closer look at the fantastic initiatives these partners have lined up.

Northern Trust: Championing CSR and ESG

Northern Trust, one of the largest and oldest banking institutions in the US, is co-sponsoring the sold-out CSR & ESG Summit at the Executives Club on April 26. This event brings together leaders in the CSR and ESG space to discuss their commitments, impacts, and strategies. Climate Vault will also participate in the opening keynote panel, emphasizing the importance of CSR/ESG work.

Northern Trust isn’t just keeping their Earth Day events to a single day. The bank is demonstrating their commitment to environmental sustainability through a month-long Earth Awareness schedule packed with engaging events.

Throughout April, they are hosting a variety of activities, including a plastic bag and film drive in Chicago, the global rollout of a sustainability learning hub, Earth Day trivia, and a sustainability network webinar.

Additional events include a Climate Vault Earth Week Lunch & Learn, participation in the Great Global Clean-Up, and the EarthX E-Capital Summit Investment Forum, where Steve Fradkin, President of the Wealth Management business unit at Northern Trust, shared perspectives of the world’s leading families.

Qlik: Driving employee-led change

Qlik, the company behind the innovative business analytics platform, is going all out for Earth Week. They’ve established a program wherein employees earn points by participating in a variety of activities and challenges, accruing Benevity dollars to donate to a nonprofit of their choice, including Climate Vault. Qlik will then match these donations, amplifying their employees’ impact.

One of the ways employees can earn points is through an on-demand webinar featuring our very own Liz Lewis, Director of Impact and Engagement at Climate Vault.

Additionally, QlikWorld’s live stream prior to Earth Day included watch parties and featured videos on plastic consumption. For those looking to get involved, Qlik’s innovative app enables participants to track their personal meat and plastic footprints, raising awareness and encouraging sustainable lifestyle choices.

William Blair: Tackling food waste with employee giving

With a focus on reducing food waste, William Blair, the premier global boutique for investment banking and wealth management, is hosting an employee giving campaign to neutralize emissions associated with employee meals.

To support the effort, the Climate Vault team developed metrics for annual food production and waste for individuals, couples, and families of four. These figures will be featured in a Benevity campaign, where employees can donate to Climate Vault to reduce their emissions, with William Blair matching their contributions.

Swarthmore College: Celebrating EarthFest 2023

Swarthmore College, one of the oldest coeducational colleges in the US, is holding their annual EarthFest. EarthFest 2023 is packed with exciting campus events on environmental justice, climate anxiety, zero waste, sustainable food, and energy.

The “What the Well?” event on April 21 is a highlight, featuring interactive educational displays and a plant giveaway centered around the geoexchange wellfield, a visionary sustainable geothermal system that gives much of the campus its heating and cooling. This system undergirds the “To Zero by Thirty-Five” energy plan, Swarthmore College’s roadmap to zero carbon that aims to eliminate 98% of greenhouse gas emissions by 2035 and transition to electrified, renewable energy.

Climate Vault: Neutralizing work-from-home footprints

Climate Vault wanted to get in on the fun, so to honor Earth Day, we’re neutralizing the work-from-home footprint of our employees for the year, showcasing our own approach to reducing and removing carbon.

This Earth Day, Climate Vault and its partners – including Northern Trust, Qlik, William Blair, and Swarthmore – are making a difference for our planet through collaboration, innovation, and sustainability initiatives. However, their impact isn’t contained to a single day. By choosing to work with Climate Vault, their carbon reductions are powered by verifiable, trackable, and dependable emission allowances – all the time.

By working towards a carbon neutral future, these organizations are playing a vital role in tackling climate change, ensuring a brighter and more sustainable future for us all.


Ready to make a difference this Earth Day and beyond? Join Climate Vault and its incredible partners in the fight against climate change. By reaching out to Climate Vault, you can take the first step towards neutralizing your carbon footprint and making a real impact.

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