Climate Vault RFP offers grants for innovative CDR projects

Climate Vault grant award cycles support the growth and development of CDR projects.

To stay updated on the next cycle and receive the application, please visit the RFP landing page.

“This is an exciting time for our organization,” says Brynn Esterly, CDR Projects Manager at Climate Vault. “We gained a number of insights from our first RFP round, which have helped to inform our new RFP application, enhance our assessment process, and improve our applicant experience. As a team, we have also increased our capacity and hope to reach a wider network of potential applicants.”

In the most recent grant cycle, we offer new incentives for applicants as well. The first ten eligible applicants to submit proposals will be invited to join a Climate Vault-hosted CDR panel discussion, where they can showcase their projects to an industry audience and connect with other project developers.

Organizations that are interested in applying for a grant award can sign up to be the first to receive the RFP Application and Additional Information document. Applicants are encouraged to complete thoughtful and thorough RFP submissions to allow for an accurate evaluation and comparative analysis by Climate Vault and the Tech Chamber.

Reducing and removing carbon emissions is critical now more than ever, and the Climate Vault RFP is a great opportunity for CDR project developers to receive support and recognition for their efforts on the forefront of furthering a carbon-neutral future.

“I’m inspired by the incredible work that is being done in this space and look forward to seeing the impact Climate Vault can make in these projects’ ability to grow and scale,” Brynn says. “We are looking forward to receiving and reviewing RFP applications in our upcoming rounds and encourage interested CDR innovators to apply.”


Unlock your full potential and be at the forefront of climate solutions with Climate Vault. Sign up to access the RFP application and position your business for success while making a positive impact on the planet.

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