Become a Climate Leader

There is increasing demand from stakeholders for institutions to take meaningful environmental actions, yet the available solutions are often diffuse, ineffective and expensive. Climate Vault’s laser focus on finding cost effective solutions to reducing carbon enables organizations of all sizes to immediately join the fight against climate change.

Accelerate Your Impact

Climate Vault offers several ways to confront climate change:

  1. Reduce your organization’s carbon footprint
  2. Make carbon reduction an employee benefit
  3. Eliminate the carbon footprint of your investment portfolio

All Climate Vault partners have the added benefit of participating in the world’s first large scale carbon removal market. Your contributions to Climate Vault are tax advantaged.

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Use cap-and-trade markets to prevent carbon emissions and respond to stakeholders today


By using transparent markets, the need for third party consultants and expensive oversight is eliminated

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Since we’re a non-profit, your contributions are tax-deductible

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 Make a Difference Now

For Individuals

A contribution to Carbon Vault allows us to reduce the carbon emissions from your life, travel and even investments.

Take Action

For Organizations

As a Carbon Vault partner, organizations can reduce their carbon footprint today, provide climate friendly employee benefits and decarbonize their investment portfolios.

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