Climate Vault's 2023 Impact Report

Climate Vault’s commitment to reducing + removing harmful carbon emissions in only the most credible way was reinforced in 2023 as headline after headline shouted the failings of traditional voluntary carbon markets. Climate change is the single most important issue of our time, and there is no more time left for climate solutions that fail to deliver their promised results. 

Our 2023 Impact Report shows the tangible progress we are making to combat the worst effects of climate change: Together with our donors, we officially met (and exceeded) the milestone of locking away more than one million metric tons of carbon dioxide in our “vault”. 

These vaulted allowances have reduced the expected damages from climate change by more than $250 million USD. This reduction in damages means people around the planet can lead longer and healthier lives, storms will be less dangerous, crop yield will be greater, and there will be fewer days when children must skip school due to extreme temperatures.

None of this important work could be done without the support and passion of our individual donors, corporate partners, and hard working team of Vaulters. We are grateful to all of you for helping us reduce more than one million metric tons of CO2 and we’ve only just begun to see what we can accomplish together. 

By being the first integrated carbon measurement, reduction + removal solution of its kind, Climate Vault provides a verifiable, credible and innovative answer to tackling the climate crisis. We’re excited to see what the future holds for the carbon measurement, reduction + removal space as the demands for transparent and meaningful solutions, like Climate Vault, grows. 

Read the full Climate Vault Impact Report now to see what else our donors have accomplished with us—and how your business can become part of creating a better planet.

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