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Leveraging Markets to Solve Climate Change

Because carbon is the main culprit of climate change, our mission is to reduce as much carbon pollution as possible—as quickly as possible. To do that, we’ve used the principles of cost-efficiency and scale to create a market-based approach to preventing emissions now and removing carbon from the atmosphere long-term. As a nonprofit founded at the University of Chicago, we offer a cost-effective way to slow and eventually reverse global warming.

Credible, Verifiable Offsets Today

With your support, we will acquire buy carbon pollution permits on cap-and-trade markets so that polluters can’t use them—immediately reducing emissions.

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Innovative Technologies Tomorrow

With your help, we support research and development of emerging carbon removal technologies , so that the best approaches to this essential climate-saving activity can be used worldwide.

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 Make a Difference Now

For Individuals

A contribution to Carbon Vault allows us to reduce the carbon emissions from your life, travel and even investments.

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For Organizations

As a Carbon Vault partner, organizations can reduce their carbon footprint today, provide climate friendly employee benefits and decarbonize their investment portfolios.

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